Create your online home

Creating your online home with Scribahost.

A lot of so-called prophets have predicted the end of the website. But guess what? They’re still here, and they’re as powerful as ever.

Your website is your home on the internet, and just like in your real home, it’s your place with your rules.

You can make your website do what you want, look the way you want, and post whatever you want on there. Your website can be simple like this one, or it can be as elaborate as you’d like.

So what do you need in order to build your home online?

Yes, if you  want to have an online presence, you’ll need hosting. A hosting provider (like Scribahost) sets up a package on a server on which your website lives.

What about domain names?
It sounds like you’ve been paying attention. Yep, you’ll also need a domain name. We can register one for you, or you can register one for yourself with Namecheap, for example.

What will all of this cost?
Here’s the answer everyone hates: It depends.
What you need depends on your plans with your website. And what you’ll have to pay depends on that in turn. That’s why we don’t quote prices or make big promises. Instead, we’d like to enter into a conversation with you. Hosting packages start at 5 euros per month, but again: Let’s talk about things and see what you need and what that means for the package we’ll be able to put together for you.

Sounds good, how do I get in touch?
It couldn’t be simpler: Just fill out our contact form. Tell us a bit about your current situation (do you already have a website?) and what your plans, hopes and dreams are. We’ll give you our honest assessment of what we can do for you, and what it would cost.